Nordstrom and eZCom co-presented award-winning best practices in drop ship at the November 2014 RVCF Annual Fall Conference. The results of their partnership have provided a win-win shopping solution for consumers, retailers, and manufacturers. Tactics in the presentation include:
  • How to compete on a more level plane with e-tailers
  • How to extend product offerings without additional costs and risks
  • How to achieve higher volume direct to consumer capabilities without raising costs
  • How to enhance overall supply chain efficiencies achieve and higher profits
To receive your copy of the Nordstrom/eZCom RVCF 2014 Presentation, complete the adjacent form, send an email to or call us at 201-731-1800, option 1.

RVCF 'EDI-enabled Pathways to Streamline and Simplify Direct-to-Consumer (Drop Ship) Fulfillment'
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